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Let Me Tell You About the Magic

The magic is not that hundreds of ‘strangers’ donated thousands of gifts and dollars to provide Christmas to kids they don’t even know.  The magic is not that over 100 people, who otherwise would not have gathered on a Monday night in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, came together and wrapped over 2500 gifts in just 3 hours.  The magic is not that we busted out of our space’s seams 15 minutes into an event and were able to still fit people -happily- into every available nook and cranny.  The magic is not the ‘feel good’ feeling we all experienced at the opportunity to make a child’s Christmas merrier.

Let me tell you about the REAL magic . . .

There are 65 kids who are at an age that any kid would not believe in Santa.  There are 65 kids who have grown up in situations where they have had little to no Christmas.  There are 65 kids, many of which have no place to call home, in hospitals knowing they will not even have a visitor on Christmas Day.  There are 65 kids who are so very excited about their 1 to 2 gifts under the tree the hospital staff was able to buy with their $25 per child budget.  This is the biggest Christmas they have ever seen.

These are our kids.  And they have NO idea we were busy hiding gifts at their hospitals the last two days.  With the exception of two very kind and gentle souled boys who helped us unload and carry gifts . . . and I personally swore to secrecy . . . these kids, our kids, can’t even fathom what they are in for on Christmas morning.

I was told we are the only family these kids, our kids, have . . . and they have never seen our faces.  They have no idea we were even there.  These kids, our kids, are going to bed on Christmas Eve, alone in a hospital, knowing they only have each other and the staff to spend Christmas with.  They are grateful for that.  These kids, our kids, are going to bed on Christmas Eve excited about their ONE gift under a tree.

These kids, our kids, have nothing more to believe in than hospital staff and ONE gift.  The hospital staff will be putting ALL of the gifts under ALL of the trees while our kids are sleeping Christmas Eve.

Imagine Christmas morning for them.

In that instant, we gave our kids something to believe in.  And that is the REAL magic.

Thank you making it happen.

Tammie Rafferty
 – Director


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