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Thank You Forever

While I celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends tomorrow, our kids will be on my mind and in my heart.

Our kids have been alone in hospitals for months, in some cases even years, without an end in sight.  Yet, they are the most thankful kids I know.  They are thankful for a pair of socks and a stick of deodorant to call their own.  They come unglued when we surprise them with warm pajamas, blankets, and all of the other makings of a magical Christmas.

I am thankful for our kids.  They have a way of putting life into perspective for me.  They have never asked for anything.  They expect nothing.  They don’t complain about the things they receive.  Instead, they are thankful.  For everything.  Always.  Even a pair of socks.

When was the last time your kid unwrapped new socks, immediately put them on, and slid across the floor squealing, “Look!  I got new socks!”?  Have you ever seen a teenage boy (nearly 6 feet tall) wrap himself in a juvenile blanket, don a handmade hat and scarf, and hold up pajamas several sizes too small and declare he feels rich, like a king?  I have.  And for that, I am thankful.

My favorite quote though?  “Thank you forever.”  It was the most heartfelt and genuine thank you I have ever received.  I am thankful I can keep those words of a child with me.  Forever.

So, tomorrow . . . Be thankful.  Remember our kids.  Maybe say an extra prayer for them around your dinner table.  And if you want to help, share our wish list and invite people to our Wrap Party.

Happy Thanksgiving Project Believers!  I am so very thankful for all you who make this possible.

Thank you forever.

Tammie Rafferty

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