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They Need You

Our most vulnerable children are living in group homes and residential treatment centers for months to years at a time to receive the structure and care needed to overcome as many obstacles as there are kids. Each of them has their own story. Whether it’s the trauma of being abused, experiencing the horrors of sex trafficking, parents who have OD’d, or being born with a severe mental illness, they are all learning to see their brilliance under the guidance of the most compassionate staff members. While they are surrounded by people dedicated to their success every day, most have no one on the outside to support them with the little things to call their own.

Since 2007, Project Believe has been providing the comforts of home to foster children in our region who are not living in foster homes, letting them know they are not alone and have not been forgotten. With your help, we won’t stop until we have reached the tens of thousands of kids living in the same circumstances across the United States.

Our cornerstone program, Christmas Magic, guarantees each child wakes up on Christmas morning to all of the gifts you found under your tree growing up – socks, underwear, pajamas, handmade hats and scarves, and more. These may be the presents you rolled your eyes and groaned about, but for our kids are the things that elicit responses like, “I got socks! It’s the best Christmas ever!”, and “I feel rich, like a king!” They remind us it’s the little things that make magic happen in their lives, so we have built on that by now showering them with valentines and making sure each of them receive a new backpack full of supplies to start their school year.

Are you ready to make magic happen? It’s as easy as making a donation, hosting a gift drive or fundraiser, or volunteering at our annual Wrap Party in December. Whatever you choose to do, just do something to show our kids you believe in them too. Let’s make magic happen together!

Contact us at, on social media, or at 937-266-3074 to get involved.

Currently, Project Believe provides services to the following facilities:

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, College Hill Campus – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Clear Creek Farm – Sidney, Ohio
  • Dayton Children’s Hospital, formerly housed at Kettering Youth Services – Dayton, Ohio
  • Marie’s House of Hope – Dayton, Ohio
  • The Marsh Foundation – Van Wert, Ohio
  • Michael’s Residential Treatment Center – Greenville, Ohio
  • Northcutt Residential Treatment Center – Dayton, Ohio
  • Oesterlen Services for Youth – Springfield, Ohio
  • Ranch of Opportunity – Washington Courthouse, Ohio

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