Wrap It!

As we prepare for tonight’s Annual Wrap Party, I can’t help but stop and stand in awe of what has been accomplished this year.  In less than a month we have:
  • A beautiful website up and running with over 1100 hits.
  • A Facebook Group with over 150 members.
  • Raised over $1500 cash!
  • Brought in over $500 worth of donated gift items.
What started three years ago with a couple of us providing gifts for 8-10 kids on one hospital unit has grown into dozens of us providing gifts AND pajamas to EVERY child in the hospital.  That’s 35 kids this year!

Two years ago we had about 6 people wrapping gifts and tonight expect there to be around 50 volunteers!

WOW!  This is all because of YOU!

Thank you for believing in this cause…  
Thank you for believing in this project…  
Thank you for believing in these children…  
Thank you for believing in me!
Tammie Rafferty
~~~ believe ~~~


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    Jules says

    I’m so proud of you!! Congrats on doing such an awesome job!

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    project believe says

    thanks jules!!!

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