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Yes, Virginia!

Everyone knows the famous quote, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus“, but have you ever lived that line?

In 2007, our first year to provide any gifts to the kids at the hospital, we were doing a lot of last minute shopping. We just wanted a few items for the 8-10 kids left on one hospital unit for Christmas so they could each have something to call their own. We gathered candy, gloves, socks, a few small toys, and then found some wall calendars that would brighten up the kids’ rooms.

We chose one type of calendar for the boys and one type for the girls but were one calendar short. It’s not clear to me now whether we had to get one at another store or what, but that’s not really relevant. The point is there was just one calendar different from all the others. This one had horses on each month’s page.

We brought Santa to the hospital to hand out the gift bags full of goodies. There was no rhyme or reason (other than boy/girl) as to how the gift bags were handed out and we had not wrapped the goodies inside. The kids sat patiently waiting to dig in, and pull out the goodies they had already spied.

One girl’s eyes lit up as she pulled out her calendar and shrieked, “A horse calendar! HA! I can’t wait to tell my sister there really IS a Santa. This is all I asked for and lookie here – I got one! She said there wasn’t one, but this proves it. There really is a Santa!“.

Christmas magic… It’s what we do!

Tammie Rafferty
~~~ believe ~~~

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