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An Incredible Pair!

I had the opportunity to meet two amazing kids yesterday! Hannah and Tanner Lyons embody the spirit of Project Believe. They learned about us through their parents, Jenny and Brian Lyons, and decided on their own to sort through their stuffed animals and toys and give everything they had never used to Project Believe to pass on to the kids at the hospital. By the time they were done, they had gathered over 500 items!

When I learned they had done this, I couldn’t wait to thank them personally. Most impressive to me was their genuine interest and concern for who the kids are we help and how we do it. I explained to them how much it had meant to the kids at the hospital to know other kids were thinking of them. How they hung onto every word on each Valentine a couple of months ago saying things like “Wow – This card is from Sally and says I’m her special friend!”. Not only is it important to instill a sense of charity into our kids like Jenny and Brian have done, but it means more on the receiving end to know there is a peer who did something special for you.

The large donation made will go a long way, starting with adding a stuffed animal to every Easter basket we are about to deliver. At 12 and 10 years old respectively, Hannah and Tanner already have a gift for selfless caring and giving. Just before we left, they gave my daughter Mary the toy they were playing with ‘just because she liked it’. The world needs more people like them!

Thank you Hannah and Tanner!

Tammie Rafferty
~~~ believe ~~~

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