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Launching a Legacy

Logo by:  Tracie Snyder, incorporating Granny’s actual signature.

Remember the ‘You get a car!  You get a car!  You get a car!’ moment on The Oprah Winfrey Show a number of years ago?  I was fortunate enough to get to experience a moment like that two weeks ago while I handed out backpacks full of school supplies to our kids at the hospital.  I may not have been shouting ‘You get a backpack!  You get a backpack!  You get a backpack!’ on the outside, but I certainly was feeling it on the inside.  It’s how I feel every time we’re with the kids, whether we’re handing out school supplies, Christmas gifts, Valentines, or Easter Baskets.  I have the best job in the world!  At the end of my day, I get showered with thank you’s and hugs.

It was a privilege to spend the afternoon with the kids at their Back to School Bash.  If you spend just an hour with these kids, they will change your life.

But it still gets to me to see their mismatched, hospital slipper socks – or complete lack of socks – shoved into what is likely the only shoes they own.  I cringe when I see some of them in scrubs and hospital issued t-shirts when they don’t need to be.  Their stark white rooms and bedding break my heart.  It chokes me up when they choose toiletries over any toy, candy, or gadget on a table full of prizes.  I nearly broke down this past Christmas when a boy donned his new scarf and hat, twirled around with his new blanket like it was a cape and proclaimed, “I feel rich!”.

Project Believe gives me hope all of this will soon change.  One pair of socks at a time.  One bottle of shampoo at a time.  One kind gesture at a time.  It all makes a difference.  My Granny, Doris Kelley, knew it made a difference, and she knew she could make a difference.  One scarf at a time.

At 92 years old, she crocheted enough scarves for one hospital unit.  At 93 years old, she crocheted enough scarves for the entire hospital.  It took her nearly a year, but she did it.  One scarf at a time – with love.

It is with honor and with pride we officially launch our Granny’s Scarves Program today to carry on Granny’s legacy by providing each and every child a handmade scarf to call their own.

There’s something about having a handmade scarf around your neck that feels better than anything else in the world.  I used to tell Granny it was like having one of her afghans around my neck – a security blanket to go.  My guess is our kids will keep these scarves for a lifetime.

Granny left 17 skeins of yarn to get us started.  Now we need knitters, crocheters, people who can sew, and more yarn.  For more information, see our flyer on Facebook or contact one of the Granny’s Scarves Co-Chairs:

Karen Wellbaum


Tonya Rittenhouse

Yarn donations may also be dropped off at The Tipp City Public Library.

You can read more about Granny here:

~ Tammie Rafferty, Director

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