2009 Results

Today was the big day. Four of us got to play Santa and deliver the gifts to the hospital. We were greeted by quiet kids looking dejected who quickly took to us, offering seats next to them. They were so excited just to have guests! They treated us to pizza and then we sang happy birthday to one of the residents followed by a quick game of hot potato. Then it was time for presents!

Each child opened their cozy old navy socks first and loved them. one boy who I imagine only owns one sock (not one pair but one sock) of his own because he wore one dirty tube sock and one hospital issued sock got so excited over the socks that he ran screaming with joy to his room to put them on immediately and slid back over to the group to model his new socks. He had NO idea what was yet to come!

Next were the pj’s. They were ecstatic when they each got their very own NEW pj’s, many screaming they were even their favorite color! It was hard to fight back the tears.

For the next round came the stockings filled with candy. Oh how every kid loved getting their own stocking and having their own stash of candy to hide in their cubby!

Finally we passed out the gift bags and the kids sat around anxiously waiting to dive in. We all counted to three and the magic began! With every little gift came a shriek from one kid or another . . . My very own gloves! A hat! Wow, a watch that lights up! More socks! A calendar! Toys! A flute! Cards! Pens! Pencils! Books!

It went on. And on. And on. Some were tearing through the presents and some were savoring each and every one. All of the kids were circled on couches with a circle of staff members and volunteers behind them – all of us trying to keep from crying in front of them.

By the time the last gift was opened, it looked like it had rained Christmas throughout the unit. That mess was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen! And surrounding that mess were kids who were all glowing. And surrounding those kids were adults who were all just as happy as the kids. It was priceless!

Due to privacy issues, we could not take pictures or video but I wanted to try and capture today’s moments in words the best I could. This would not have been possible had it not been for the support of so many of you donating your time, gifts, and money. Every dollar and every minute was worth it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have made MY Christmas wish come true!

The little ‘sock boy’ summed it up best as he just kept exclaiming . . . “This is the best Christmas ever! Ever! The best one I’ve ever had!”

Tammie Rafferty


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    angelcherokee72 says

    wonderful job tammie, you are an angel!!

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    project believe says

    angelcherokee – Thanks. Calling me an angel may be pushing it. It’s the outpouring of generosity and support that makes the magic happen!

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