Today is a BIG day – a big big day.  Today I am saying goodbye to many dear friends and amazing colleagues as I leave the corporate job I have had for over 14 years to pursue . . . well, THIS!
Bittersweet is the only word that comes to mind when trying to put my emotions into print.  It was not an easy decision to make, but one I am excited to move forward with.  It is time to pour everything into seeing how big we can grow project Believe.  I have stood in awe many of times at the number of people who have banned together to create a little Christmas magic for the kids in just one hospital who would otherwise be overlooked.  I cannot wait to spread that magic throughout other hospitals in other locations.
We are also expanding our mission beyond Christmas and will soon be announcing how you can get involved in the days to come.  It is because of your support, this dream is becoming a reality and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Tammie Rafferty
~~~ believe ~~~


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    Anonymous says

    We love you Tammie! ray of light from this side of the world for your project!!! a bear hug

    Kisses Ale

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    project believe says

    Thank you Ale! Muchos besos my dear friend!

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    inkpuddle says

    What a leap! Best of luck to you – you can totally rock this, and you know I’m standing by eagerly in Atlanta. 🙂

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    project believe says

    inkpuddle – Thank you! Atalanta and DC are the top 2 cities on our to-do list.

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    Anonymous says

    Tammy, It is with mixed emotion that the network of friends developed over the years see you move on bring much happiness to those less fortunate. For only a few have the passion and the love for our children to take on such a task. May the love of Jesus be with you always and assist by providing by you the strength when needed most. As one of the last post reports “you can rock this”. (David R. Green Bay)

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    project believe says

    Dave – What a kind and unexpected comment! Thank you SO much! Watch us grow.

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