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Just Ask

Do you know how we went from a couple of people buying a few gifts for a few kids to becoming an organization with help from hundreds of people buying and wrapping over 1300 gifts last year?  We asked for help.

In 2008, a friend suggested I ask my Facebook friends if anyone wanted to come over and wrap packages.  A handful of people showed up.  This year we expect over 100 people to turn out to wrap gifts.  In 2009, as I struggled with whether or not I personally had the means to buy gifts again, another friend assured me if I just asked – people wanted to help.  She was right!  We have doubled in size every year since.

Check our list of items needed for Christmas and consider sponsoring an item by e-mailing us or sending us a Facebook message.  Then use one of these great ideas to make your own magic happen by December 15th:

  • Just ASK! . . . Ask your friends, ask your family, ask your church, ask your scout troop, ask your school, ask your sports team, ask your civic organization or club, ask your coworkers, ask a business, ask a total stranger . . . Just ASK!  People want to help.  We promise!
  • Hosting a Halloween party?  Ask each of your guests bring an item.
  • Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Ask each dinner guest to bring an item.
  • Send an email to everyone you know.
  • Put it on Facebook.
  • Write about it in your blog.
  • Put it in your church bulletin.
  • Include it in your next newsletter.
  • Have your own fundraiser or item drive.

Not a fan of asking for help and want to do it on your own?  Watch for sales and shop on Black Friday for big bargains.  We still think the best option is to just ask.  Make it a group effort.  Make it fun.  Make it creative.  Just ask and make it happen!

Share with us how YOU are making magic happen and we will pass along the great ideas!

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