She Writes On Her Pants…

Occasionally you come upon a person who awes you. Because these people are rare, they become precious. My chance meeting of 2010 is a person I’ve never met in real life, nor have I ever spoken to her on the phone.
Yet, we’ve emailed and texted each other hundreds of times. I go into withdrawals when 2 days go by without a peep from her. I look forward to the day when I’ll either head out to Tipp, Ohio or when she’ll visit me (wherever I’ll be).
As we developed this website it became a game between us where she’d list out the nutty things she’d jotted down that day. Anything handy and available became her notepad: a bill, her jeans, her daughter’s art pad, post-it notes, her hand… I’ve confessed that I pictured her as Velma (Scooby Doo’s do-gooder character) and now I see her leaving a trail of scribbled notes as she frantically tries to save the world.
She is a superhero who cries every time a new donation comes in… Tammie gives me faith in humanity. With my growing relationship with her, I know goodness exists and that there is hope for us yet.
But I cannot finish this post without sharing the goods… This is what makes her human:
  • artwork
  • thanks
  • testimonial
  • hook up w/the pj group someone told me about
  • how to
  • then, now, future of
  • merchandise – zazzle?
  • gift guidelines
  • kids’ reaction stories
  • creative ways to help
  • scanner cord
  • grocery . . . that last one is a personal reminder to me

currently written on the back of my electric bill:

  • celeb tweets
  • gift list
  • account
  • stores
  • meeting
  • return emails
  • get to the grocery before mary calls 224-kids!
trailing behind me on purple post-its today:
  • name tags
  • account
  • paypal
  • santa
  • video
  • blog donors
  • yearly stats
  • goals
on my pants:
  • amt per kid
  • sponsor a kid
  • have
  • need
  • pics
  • mtg invitees
  • agenda
  • twshp bldg
  • toilet paper and pull-ups

don’t tell mary I used her doodle pad:

  • coffee
  • pick up donation at pioneer electric
  • transcribe article
  • beg mark to come fix the printer/scanner
  • timeline
  • open separate account
  • get carpets cleaned
ps – i’m a freakazoid today (I had to add this last item. This is how her emails may finish and what has increased my joy in helping her out)
This is my way of helping you discover the person behind project Believe…


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    Lea says

    This was a wonderful introduction to an amazing woman. Well done.

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    project believe says

    Lea – Thank you.

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