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What’s Next?

People from Michigan, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, California, and Washington DC have already inquired about starting a project Believe in their areas. Read our “how-to” page!

In January 2011, we will submit a petition to incorporate as a non-profit organization and begin work to spread project Believe to as many residential children’s psychiatric hospitals as we can.

Eventually, we hope to see this grow beyond Christmas to provide comfort items (pajamas, blanket, stuffed animal) to every child when they are admitted.  Once that need is filled, we would love to do more regular activities and celebrations with the kids and even team with local colleges and universities to offer a mentoring program.  In the process, our hope is to also bring more awareness to mental health issues.

Remember the “No child left behind” act? When George W. Bush threw this slogan we have to wonder if he fully realized what he was saying? Granted this was limited to education. But, does he realize specifically what “No child left behind” can insinuate? How about applying this concept entirely and really pushing its limits? Does anybody realize how many children are actually left behind in this day and age in the United States? It’s mind boggling! At least it must be, we can’t find any real accurate statistic!

We believe all of this is possible.  Do you?

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