Why project Believe?

The simple answer is . . . We are a little project who believes big.

But there is more to the story. When I adopted Mary in 2003, I searched high and low for cute adoption announcements. Everything I looked at was geared toward babies and/or overseas adoptions. She was a 10 year old American. I finally found the perfect announcement. There was a tag with the word ‘Believe‘ tied with ribbon to the top of every announcement. I fell in love with the announcement and ‘Believe‘ became Mary’s and my word.

She had been deemed ‘unadoptable’ but always believed she would find a forever family. She had a lot of problems to overcome but I believed in her and she believed in herself. When she struggled to learn new things, accomplish new goals, etc. I would often ask her if she believed she could do it.  The answer was almost always yes and when it wasn’t, I reminded her that I believed she could. She blossomed!

In January of 2007, she had a psychotic break and was hospitalized. Many people gave up hope of her ever coming home from the hospital, telling me I would have to institutionalize her. I knew my Mary and more importantly, I believed in her even when she couldn’t believe in herself. When things were at their worst, I went as far as having the word Believe tattooed on my hand to have a clear and constant reminder.

She came home in March of 2008 and is again thriving.

The logo was designed by my sister, Tracie Snyder to show we are a little project who believes big. I wanted a magic wand as part of the logo because it feels like creating magic for the kids at the hospital.

Tammie Rafferty


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    Not Emily says

    What a beautiful truth..thank you for sharing.

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    project believe says

    Not Emily – Thank you for reading and supporting.

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